Numbers Never Lie. 

The Tech Ninja has been viewed over 12,000,000 times since 2012. This is including his work with Android Authority, XDA Developers, and his personal channel The Tech Ninja. He currently has 150,000 subscribers on YouTube and has 60,000 followers on Twitter, and over 15,000 combined followers on Google+ personal page, and also his fan page

Kevin has had videos featured on the following websites: (twice), XDA Developers, Digg, Verizon Midwest Blog, Reddit, and Android Authority. 

What drives people to subscribe to Kevin The Tech Ninja is his honesty in reviews. He uses the approach of real world examples to pull in his audience, and tells it like it is. As of 2016, His YouTube channel receives over 650,000 views per month. 

Demographics updated as of March 2015. 

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Paid Sponsorship 

This is an option for a company that is looking to sponsor The Tech Ninja YouTube channel for a month. By doing this you will get the following:

  • A quick 5 second sponsorship shout out ad before my videos for a month. (Up to 5 videos) 
  • A link to your website, or social media in the description of the video. 

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Product Reviews

This is the best option for most companies. We provide reviews that are posted to The Tech NInja YouTube and also advertise on all all social media websites. What is important to know is that these reviews are honest, and sometimes brutally honest. This will provide feedback to the companies and also give the consumer a better understanding of the product. If you are up to it, I'm ready! 

Freelance Work

I also provide freelance services for purchase. 

  • Voice Over
  • Video Tutorials 
  • Commercials 
  • Product overviews 

To get the ball rolling with that, you know the routine by now!